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About ME

Helma Bloomberg is a real estate professional who offers exceptional white glove service to her clients. She has been a featured guest speaker at the Los Angeles Real Estate Expo, sharing the stage with other nationally recognized industry leaders. To stay on top of the game, Helma believes continuing education is essential and holds several important real estate designations.

Some of her notable designations include a Negotiation Mastery certification from Harvard University, a Premier Luxury Marketing Consultant certification, a Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification, and a Resort and Second Home Specialist designation. Helma’s market knowledge and target marketing expertise enable her to help clients achieve the full financial potential of their homes. Her team of financial advisers and investors can also help clients preserve the equity of their homes through IRS-approved financial instruments and build, or preserve generational wealth.

As a licensed Realtor, Helma closely follows the fiduciary principles established by the National Association of Realtors. She is happy to offer her services to more mature clients, helping them sell their homes, move closer to family, and even give their homes a quick face-lift to garner maximum profits.

If you are looking for a dedicated real estate professional who loves her profession, please feel free to contact Helma Bloomberg. She is looking forward to helping you with all your real estate needs.

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